Alakazam, labeled The Genius with a Difference, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. She was created by the user, TheMasterKat.

Personality Edit

Alakazam is a genius intellectual who wants to prove she's not just a know it all. Unlike others of her species, she doesn't care about her IQ, and focuses more on being the best of herself. She's also a tomboy (which works out well with her masculine appearance). However, she is also a master manipulator, who is able to have others do her bidding. She uses that for helping others.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She wears a pink bow in an attempt to appear female to passing eyes.
"Stronger" - Kelly Clarkson (ft

"Stronger" - Kelly Clarkson (ft. Sam Tsui)

Alakazam's Theme Song

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