Cacturne, labeled The Suave Mobster, is a contestant and one of the antagonists on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the author, TeamEmeraldFanfics.

Personality Edit

Born into the "family business" and raised to one day take over, Cacturne is not one to be messed with. If there is anything you can call him, it's probably that he knows how to get shit done. If you owe him, have something he wants, or have messed with him in anyway, than he will be after you in a split-second. He has learned how to properly lead a group of people, mostly due to his occupation, and has always caused him to develop a natural sense of intimidation. No matter what though, even if he loses the show, that doesn't mean he'll be gone forever.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

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Conor Maynard Royalty (Official Video)

Conor Maynard Royalty (Official Video)

Cacturne's Theme Song