Crobat, labeled The Misanthropic Schemer, is a contestant and one of the antagonists on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the author, Fuzzboy8888.

Personality Edit

Crobat is a web content curator from the Johto region. Crobat is a misanthrope(Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature, but in this case, replace humans with Pokemon)and does not get along with most Pokemon due to his naturally rude nature and extreme use of sarcasm and insults. However, while he fails at being social or kind, Crobat is a strategic genius, easily tricking others into doing what he wants. However, despite all of this, Crobat isn't really that bad of a guy if you get to know him. Underneath his shallow personality and rude nature, Crobat is a really creative guy who loves writing, acting, and singing. But all of this combined makes Crobat one of the worst people to be enemies with. But despite all of this, he does have weaknesses, but his biggest is his lack of physical strength, and is one of the physically weakest competitors on show, so he has to instead rely on his speed. He also has anger issues, and has a tendency to make enemies easily. But one notable thing about him, is that he doesn't want to win the show. No, instead he wants to compete on the show, just so he can screw with others. He wants them to keep guessing what he will do next, as he keeps doing the unimaginable just to keep them on their feet, often outsmarting the competition while laughing in their face. He is the perfect depiction of what a trickster really is.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is the author's favorite character.
Geek in the Pink- Justin Robinett

Geek in the Pink- Justin Robinett

Crobat's Theme Song