Emolga, labeled The Street Magician, is a contestant and one of the antagonists of Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the user, magnemitegeek.

Personality Edit

Well rounded, flashy, air headed, but can get serious. He has villainous intent using blackmail and fabricated evidence in order to get out of situations, or put himself into the advantage. He's also a liar, avoiding dangerous scenarios dealing with theories in a pragmatic way. Being air headed however, he has the tendency to forget which leads to some comical frustration. However, adapting to his forgetful behavior, he is a clever one. Emolga also knows when to accept defeat and can feel somewhat regret in many of his actions, making him one of the more realistic players in the game.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He used to do advertisements.
Don't Trust Me - Music Video (Original)

Don't Trust Me - Music Video (Original)

Emolga's Theme Song