Froslass, labeled The Empathetic Twin, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. She was created by the user, DeviouslyNormal.

Personality Edit

Froslass is often identified as much more empathetic than her brother, Bronzong, and she is sadly blind. Though, this disability is often fixed do to her brother sending her telepathic images of what is around her, which keeps her from doing anything stupid. Do to the two not making friends that often, the two became best friends, though Froslass is the more social of the two. She loves to make friends outside of her twin, and wants him to makes friends too, no matter how difficult that is. She hates being viewed as less due to her disability, and she tends to emotionally beat herself up if someone or herself blames her for anything. She won't care if they lose as long as she has a good time. Tends to 'live in the moment'. She asks people a lot a questions, causing Bronzong to usually not talk to the person himself due to Froslass's dominate stance in conversation.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She carries a paintbrush everywhere she goes.
Avicii's 'Hey Brother' cover by Jada Facer and Kyson Facer

Avicii's 'Hey Brother' cover by Jada Facer and Kyson Facer

Froslass' Theme Song