Roserade, labeled The Kind Hearted Beauty, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. She was created by the user, Oceans Eagle.

Personality Edit

Roserade is a peaceful girl with a big heart. She is incredibly kind and graceful, but very unaware of her own beauty. She is sweet and gentle, always willing to help others. She often has a very calming presence, and is able to help the most angered pokemon relax. She is a vegetarian and loves to be out in nature, but she is far from a pacifist. She is a fierce fighter in a battle scenario. She is somewhat shy and timid, finding it difficult to open up to others at first. She hates to be the center of attention, and will often get flustered or embarrassed easily if this occurs. Although she will fight (and battle) in a physical sense, she does not know how to protect herself emotionally or stand up for herself if someone is bullying her. She is quite sensitive, and this often inhibits her or gets the better of her.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only contestant to have been confirmed to have a love interest, with exception of Spinda.
「Re-Smile」 Bombshell Blonde

「Re-Smile」 Bombshell Blonde

Roserade's Theme Song