Samurott, labeled The Silent Masochist, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the user, Dark Arcanine 33.

Personality Edit

Samurott is silent, observant, and very scary when he needs to be. He is a masochist, so he takes pleasure in any and all pain given to him. He never talks to anyone and usually will keep to himself, but he will still happily stay amongst others. Most people think of him as a psycho due to him loving pain, especially when he uses his own swords to cut himself. He is very intelligent and strong, not even struggling to lift immensely heavy objects. He is not afraid to use violence to get his way.

Despite his sadomasochistic nature, he is also known to be charming and protective at times. He has no tolerance for those who purposely cause others grief, despite his enjoyment of it, unless they rightfully deserve it. He never uses his voice and lets his actions speak for him, as to him, speaking only causes more issues and he doesn't have the time nor patience to deal with them. More often than not, when he is angry with someone or he knows that someone is hiding harmful or planning harmful ideas, he'll keep his composure, find them in public, and humiliate them by either revealing via evidence that even they didn't know he had, or he'd attempt to brutally injure them. He shows absolutely no remorse or emotion when in that stage.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He was abandoned at birth, so he knows nothing about his parents.
  • His love of self mutilation stemmed from being abused by other children and adults while in foster care.
  • He has gone to thirteen different therapists, but eventually gave up due to them being completely afraid of him.
  • He has, in fact, murdered someone.
    • He was found not guilty due to mental disease or defect.
Green Day- "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - -Official Video-

Green Day- "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - -Official Video-

Samurott's Theme Song