Scizor, labeled The Half-Demonic Tough Girl, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island, while her alter-ego, Tenissita, is one of the antagonists. She was created by the user, WhiteDiamondNinja8484.


Intimidating and scary at first but is really very caring. She's not into girly things and prefers training and anything like that. She can stay calm and composed even with a threat, but she will blow a fuse if her friends are harmed and will turn demonic and stay like that until she calms down, which would be a very long time, or if someone shows that they really care about her. She's respectful and gets very shy if her crush is interacting with her. She has a decent sense of humor and mostly stays silent and won't care, but she will care if it is important or about her friends and past. Not very cooperative at times but that doesn't mean she doesn't cooperate at all. Despite her personality, she's actually very polite and has one of the best manners. Has a big weakness for babies and would go crazy at the sight of them, if it's not a fake baby.

She has a second personality called Tenissita. Tenissita acts dumb and nice but she is actually EVIL! When she's found out she picks on weaklings and shows off her intellect to everyone, telling them that they're just dumb brutes. She doesn't care about how others feel and only looks out for herself. Where Skyler is polite, Tenissita is just plain rude and doesn't give a crap about others opinion about her. She absolutely loves to make others lives a misery and lives only to torture and/or kill others.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She LOVES babies!
  • She has an adopted younger sister.
  • In her auditiontape, it is shown that she's friends with a male Staraptor and a male Grovyle.
Skillet - Monster (Official Video)

Skillet - Monster (Official Video)

Scizor's Theme Song