Scolipede, labeled The Anti-Social Slacker, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the author, Fuzzboy8888.

Personality Edit

From a young age, Scolipede's parents knew they had a genius on their hands, as at only 1 year of age, he had already mastered the alphabet, was reading Shakespeare, and was already a promising scientist. And his amazing intelligence only increased over the years, but his anti-social behavior increased just as much. As he always says, why would he want to talk to others, when he could be playing a good game. While he is not even remotely athletic, he is clever enough to make remarkable theories on some of the smallest things. He has also become known for his sarcastic comments and overall cynical personality, usually not giving a shit about others in general, with one exception. So while he may not be that active of a player in the game, that doesn't mean you should underestimate one of the smartest players in the game.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Relationships Edit

Spinda Edit

Possibly his only real friend, Spinda is the only pokemon who Scolipede is actually able to actively communicate with without any problems, which is interesting once you consider they are complete opposites. In fact, she is probably the only pokemon that he actually cares about, as he even offered her to live with him once she lost her house, which ultimately caused Spinda to start developing feelings for him.

Trivia Edit

I'm Yours Cover- Justin Robinett & Chris Hudgins

I'm Yours Cover- Justin Robinett & Chris Hudgins

Scolipede's Theme Song