Snivy, labeled The Flirtatious Gamer, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the user, DeviouslyNormal.

Personality Edit

Snivy is a fun seeking type of guy. He's the life of the party and everyone knows it. He has a heavy dosage of narcissistic personality disorder and thinks he's a sex god. He doesn't knows how to take "no" as an answer because the girls/guys always love to play hard to get. Which is true in his case, but that may change on the island. Snivy loves playing video games. He talks to nerds sometimes just to discuss the games. If he had to choose between his looks or video games, he wouldn't answer. Snivy sometimes looks down on people he sees as inferior to his charming looks. As such, he kinda doesn't respect those who don't look as good as him. Snivy also compliments himself a lot. He tends to misuse and abuse friends when the time is dire (like on your island) and gets them to do his dirty work, but will try to keep a level head. Snivy smokes, but doesn't do it that often. He does it to look cool. Social smoking. Deep down, Snivy kinda just feels lonely and wants people to like him.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He had his first time with his best friend.
Regular Show -Rigby- = Family of Me

Regular Show -Rigby- = Family of Me

Snivy's Theme Song