Spinda, labeled The Energetic Pyrotechnic, is a contestant on Total Pokemon Island. She was created by the user, Pyro's Girl.

Personality Edit

A goofy and generally light-hearted girl, Spinda comes off as naturally spaced out to most, which we honestly wouldn't judge you for thinking. She seems to not care much about anything going on around her, doesn't tend to answer most questions asked from her, and seems to creepily giggle at some of the weirdest times. Doesn't seem that bad right? Well, then you learn about her questionable obsession with fire, and than things start falling into place. Ever since she was a kid, Spinda has always LOVED fire, and around 5, she accidentally set her school on fire. This obsession has only gotten worse over the years, and now, her obsession has turned into a full blown profession, becoming the greatest pyrotechnic in her town. However, due to this, Spinda ended up driving her family away from a young age, and she found it hard to make friends. The only pokemon to ever care about her is her childhood friend, Scolipede. He let's her live in his house, pays for everything she wants, and has always been there for her, making him the closest thing she has ever had to family. This slowly ended up developing into a crush though, and usually she tries to push these thoughts as far into her mind as possible, as she believes that he could never feel the same. Psychotic, funny, and a surprise in every way, Spinda will bring joy(and fire) to the competition.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Relationships Edit

Scolipede Edit

Scolipede has been the closest thing to family that Spinda has ever had. The two first became friends when they were about 7, and the two of them would start to occasionally hang out. While her energetic behavior would annoy him at times, Scolipede eventually got used to it, and started to actually care about her. When he turned 16, he actually invited her to live with him do her lack of a home, which she accepted. Slowly she started to form a crush on Scolipede, but tries her best to push these feelings back.

Trivia Edit

  • She carries around vodka and matches with her everywhere.
Middle Ground

Middle Ground

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