Total Pokemon: Psychos Unleashed, is an upcoming fanfiction created by Fuzzboy8888. It is based off the Total Drama cartoon and the Pokemon franchise as a whole. It serves as a prequel to Total Pokemon Island and it is unknown when it will be released.

Plot Edit

Seventeen Pokemon, all with strange issues or associations, have signed up to compete on a dangerous game show, which is being hosted by Larvesta. Watch as the contestants compete in challenges, create alliances, backstab friends, find romance, and go against each other in order to win the 1,000,000 Poke prize. Who will win?



  1. Combee
  2. Crawdaunt
  3. Decidueye
  4. Dusknoir
  5. Garchomp
  6. Pachirisu
  7. Venusaur
  8. Wooper
  9. Zigzagoon


  1. Azumarill
  2. Blaziken
  3. Delphox
  4. Luvdisc
  5. Meowstic
  6. Mienshao
  7. Staraptor
  8. Venomoth