Zangoose, labeled The Feminine Snob, is a contestant and one of the antagonists on Total Pokemon Island. He was created by the user, ShadowClass08.

Personality Edit

On first glance, Zangoose seems like a normal guy, if not a little intimidating, but trust us, he is FAR from normal. This spoiled brat can easily ruin your entire life with just a few calls. He's THAT powerful when it comes down to his social class. He is already set for life, and this has caused him to develop a superiority complex, seeing everyone as below him and not worth his time. In fact, the ONLY reason he really joined the show is just to make sure those poorer than him STAY the poor. Though, he does have a rather horrible relationship with his father.

Total Pokemon Island Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally a Mightyena.
Jake- Gay Or European? 2

Jake- Gay Or European? 2.0

Zangoose's Theme Song